Radmin – computer help at a distance

Radmin is a shareware remote administration application for a personal computer for Windows operating systems that allows you to fully work on several remote PCs. In addition, the utility uses the mode of text and voice communication, and also provides the ability to transfer various files to users of a remote device.

With its help, the administrator can control absolutely all the actions of users, as well as being abroad, he can remotely perform certain operations. Control over subordinates is an integral part of the workflow in every company. The duties of a full-time system administrator are to monitor the correct operation of network equipment, servers and a computer network. But with the advent of the age of information technology, this process has been greatly simplified.

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Radmin Control Components

There are two application components in total – managed and server.

The first is installed on a personal computer to manage the server part, but the second is necessary for monitoring. Full-fledged work with the program will begin after its installation, the process of which is quite fast. At the end of the installation, the user will be prompted to configure the utility specifically for themselves. First of all, you need to decide on the launch mode. If you plan to use Radmin Server constantly, then naturally it is better to select the automatic download mode.

There are not so many settings in the server part, especially since they are all intuitive. Among the main ones are: displaying an icon, requesting confirmation for an incoming connection and a port that was set in automatic mode, but you can change it if you wish. In addition, the user has the ability to disable unnecessary application functions, thereby indicating the range of tasks that will be available to the user who has connected to his PC. There are sections for fine-tuning voice and text chat, and there is also a built-in IP filter, with which you can select specific IP addresses with which you can connect to a personal computer. Additionally, you can specify specific IP addresses and ranges.

To ensure greater security, the developers decided to include the authentication of incoming connections in the program. In the “access rights” section, the rights to control the PC are set and logins and passwords for them are created. Also, in addition to individual names, you can organize certain groups by the same type as on the Windows platform. When connecting to the server, when using authentication and the IP address filtering table, the utility will automatically check the correctness of the entered parameters, while access to a third-party user will be open if the password, login and IP address are entered correctly. Several computers can connect to the server part at the same time, and all connections can be controlled using the special Radmin icon located in the system tray.

The second component of the software product is Radmin Viewer.

Elements of remote computers and folders can be easily distinguished by their appearance, and all addresses are stored in a special address book. To create a new connection, just enter the domain name of the computer or its IP address. In addition, the application is equipped with an analogue of a proxy server, due to which each connection will go through an intermediate server of the utility, which is selected from the existing list. With this component, you can exercise full control of a remote machine. The program window will display a picture of the working area of ​​the personal computer. Immediately after the connection, control of the mouse cursor is transferred directly to the administrator. The function under consideration is indispensable in the case when an inexperienced employee cannot solve the problem on his own, and the system administrator himself is very far away at this time.

While working in full mode, first of all, you need to configure the application in such a way that the allocated speed for the Internet connection does not interfere with work. The most important parameter is to optimize the quality of the picture, while the color depth should be in the parameters from 1 to 24 bits. There is only one way to achieve the most comfortable work – experimenting with the settings. At the time of image transfer, the frame rate also plays an important role, respectively, the higher the rate, the less noticeably the cursor freezes.

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As mentioned above, text or voice chat can be organized between two connected computers. In voice chat, you need to set the maximum speed of your connection, this is done with only one goal – to optimize voice transmission while maintaining sound quality. In a text chat, the user needs to optimize the display of messages and specify his nickname. Given the fact that it is possible to connect several PCs at the same time, the program will display all connected users.