Ace Utilities – a software package for cleaning your computer from unnecessary data

Ace Utilities is a first-class software package for removing unnecessary content, including a permanent option, cleaning registries, finding and removing redubles, autoload managers. Now each user can detect and delete any incorrect entries in the registers, get rid of the Internet traffic history (works with almost 100 external programs), optimize the system and control cookies.

Thanks to a clear and incredibly simple native interface, the presented product is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. And unique components in the amount of 15 pieces optimize the entire process, speed up your interaction with the virtual world and teach you to understand all the needs of your machine.Ace UtilitiesUsing the download manager, you can view a list of applications that run in automatic mode and disable the automatic download of unwanted content. In addition, regulated files will be detected, the wrong layout will be corrected or erased in quick access, and any component can be ace utilitiesWhen the scan is over, all problems, keys and causes of the error will be displayed.

Before cleaning the registry, you can create a recovery that will become necessary if an error occurs or the necessary components are ace utilities in RussianIn a special tab, you can completely delete files or erase them. They differ in that the first option will process those options that still exist, while the second one processes the deleted components and completely erases the traces so that it was impossible to restore the components. analyzing disk space, deleting empty folders, and more. The computer will work faster, and any program will function without failures and errors. With this software product, you can delete the entire set of cache files, cookies, temporary files, attendance histories and all recently opened documents. Tweaking is also available – access to hidden features inside the installed operating system.

The main advantages of such an application are:

  • Upgraded registry cleaner;
  • Removing unnecessary, temporary or expired material on the hard drive;
  • Autorun settings;
  • Correction of the wrong label;
  • Competent uninstallation;
  • Work in advanced and standard mode;
  • Stability, reliability and simplicity.

The program is paid and registered version will cost you about one and a half thousand. Of course, you can install a trial version and test it without being limited in any way. But when the trial period ends, you still need to register.

So, Ace Utilities will give you:

  • Ability to optimize, clean and speed up the operating system;
  • Protection of personal information;
  • Quick launch of all applications;
  • Recovery of disk space;
  • Protection against errors and failures;
  • Effective fight against spyware, trojans, rootkits, ads and the like;
  • Correction of system problems;
  • Constant optimal level of computer functioning.